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Does your alarm keep you awake at night?

It’s a sad fact that theft and destruction of property are issues that every business has to contend with. As a result, many choose to install an alarm system; but an alarm system is only as effective as the response it generates. If you don’t reside on the premises then you depend on someone else, an employee or the police to be your first line of response.

Saving you money

Theft and vandalism cost UK industry millions of pounds a week. But for £1 per day you can enjoy a professional response service from one of London’s most reliable and flexible firms.



Protecting your staff

By using the Warlite Security alarm response service you also avoid any risk to your staff. Managers and employees need no longer be placed at risk by having to respond to potentially dangerous alarm activations and staff will not be called out in the middle of the night leaving them tired and unable to concentrate the next day.

Our alarm response units take on all the responsibility and possible danger for you.

All new Key Holding customers will receive FREE Alarm Response for 12 months!

Did you know?

- 8 out of 9 system activations are false alarms and only 10% are caused by criminal activity.

- if you have more than 2 false alarms in a 12 month period the police will downgrade their response rate to your business or private residence.

- some smaller businesses are not covered by police even though they have an alarm system.

Now you can rest because Warlite Security Ltd offers a cost effective rapid response key holding service in your area.

By choosing Warlite Security Ltd you can relax in the knowledge that you are using a local security firm that is trusted by numerous local governments in London.

Our clients stay with us for longer because they know we value our staff, offering them regular training and good rates of pay, this in turn assures us that our staff will stay with us longer than the industry norm so we can provide a more stable and reliable workforce and more peace of mind for our customers.



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